D’LangEMobile was founded in 2007 with the idea of connecting consumers with businesses via the mobile phone. We have been extremely focused over the years on SMS or text messaging, which is the lowest common denominator of communication over the mobile phone other than voice. With D’LangEMobile’s ability to reach over 98% of the mobile phones in the U.S. using SMS, we believe this is the best current medium to communicate with consumers.

Since our inception, we have been focused on providing great quality software at a very affordable price. We believe that text message marketing and customer communication applications should be made available to businesses of all sizes at a price that fits their budget and usage. However, text message marketing is not the only medium of communication and technology that D’LangEMobile offers its customers. D’LangEMobile can build robust mobile websites, offer mass voice broadcasts, email and build Apps for any Iphone, RIM Blackberry or Droid Platform phones in the United States. Our company can work with any company’s software with integration or an API to meet your mobile needs. It’s about mobile communication, regardless of the language.

Some things we believe in:

Providing fast, reliable, easy-to-use software.

There is nothing better than using a new software package or service that is so easy-to-use that you don't need any help. If designed correctly, you shouldn't need any hand holding to get started and adding value to your business using your newly purchased tool. In addition, we know that speed and reliability are key to any software tool that is being integrated into the everyday tasks of a business. We focus on these concepts, so you can focus on your business.

Customer service is king.

When you have a question, everyone wants to speak with a live person or have a direct dialog with someone on the other end of an email. We know this is not possible at all times, but we strive to be there for our customers as best we can. We know a timely response can greatly impact your business. D’LangEMobile is impeccable at communicating via text, voice and email. We will not leave you hanging.

Software should be affordable.

We provide software so businesses of all shapes and sizes can use our applications. We know the large impact a cost effective application can have on a small business or the piece of mind a reliable application can have for a large organization. As with most things, you should pay for your usage or your piece of the pie.

Taking tasks in the real world and making them simpler.

Really what software is all about is taking tasks in the real world and making them simpler. We know this is pretty obvious, but this isn't always the case with many software applications. We aspire to make software applications that make your life easier.

Work should be fun and challenging.

We love what we do and love bringing innovative applications to the market place. Work should be hard and challenging and if not, we are not pushing hard enough.